The Crew

Fakey Jewell
Writer, Director, Founder – Fake Jewell

As writer and director, Fake Jewell creates full-length plays to be performed in Second Life. As with real-life theatre companies, our plays are blocked and the actors need sufficient information to be able to bring their characters to life. Fake is also responsible for writing scripts for Machinima, and leading the team in Machinima competitions. Fake Jewell holds a Masters Degree in Script Writing and has taught creative writing courses for over 15 years.

Technical Director, Set Designer, Founder – Dorian Cao

Dorian Cao is a founding member of the theatre and owner of the Samandiriel sim. Dorian uses Second Life’s inbuilt modelling tools to create the sets for each play along with any added special effects and technical wizardry. He can also be spotted on stage as he’s one of the troupe’s regular actors.

Stage Manager – Mistique Starbrook

Misti became our Stage Manager in 2013, after joining the theatre as a performer in 2011, and is also an integral part of our Machinima Team. As Stage Manager, Misti ensures that we all stay focused, the stage is set, and the cast appears on cue, so it all comes together!

Art Director – Chandni Khondji

Chandni Khondji is the theatre’s resident artist and creates the play’s beautiful posters and programmes. Each play programme is a Second Life book containing information and photos of the cast, crew, play. They are lots of fun for the audience but also a wonderful piece of memorabilia for everyone involved.

Producer – Sas Shi

As well as regularly acting in the theatre and machinima, Sas can be found spreading the word of each performance in-world and networking on behalf of the troupe. Sas holds degrees in Communications and Popular Culture. As Producer Sas is the key contact between the theatre, supporters and the virtual world locations where the troupe performs.

Wa Ngao Min Sunset.png
Wardrobe Mistress – Min Fairweather

Sanne Theas 06-2016.png
Theatre Scribe – S’anne Theas

S’anne Theas has been a regular actress at the theatre since 2008 and is also the theatre scribe.

Assistant Technical Director – Dehka Sweetwater

Theatre Mascot – Fluffy

Fluffy is an essential part of each production. In fact, if you look closely, may be able to spot him in every show.