“In a dystopian world, made white with ice and snow, surviving animals must decide the fate of the surviving
human beings.”

The Jewell Theatre presents
Written & Directed by Fake Jewell

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Special Performance for Relay For Life 2018

Snow Poster RelayWE
Saturday July 14th, 3pm at RFL Relay Weekend!


LEA25 Artist-In-Residence Fake Jewell
Artist-In-Residence Fake Jewell beside her pledge to help save the environment at the LEA25 Climate Action Centre.
The Jewell Theatre ‘SNOW’ Themed Booth at Sci-Fi Expo, May 12-20 2018.
Cast & Crew take questions during Open Rehearsals at LEA25, June 2018.

In The News:

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*Simploring 2018 (47) The Jewell Theatre – SNOW
June 4 2018, by Diomita Maurer

*Designing Worlds Episode DW369 – LEA May 2018
“We talk to Fake Jewell and Dorian Cao of the Jewell Theatre,
who take us on a guided tour of their installation, SNOW, on LEA25.”

The cast and crew thanks the following patrons for their support.

Linden Endowment For The Arts
Scar Statosky, City of Ko-ro-ba, House of Dingo
Timber Wilds IndustriesBird-E-Mart