Relay For Life


Team: Jewell Theatre/Book Island
Captain: Sas Shi
Co-Captains: Selina Greene & Silly Avro

Team Jewell Theatre/Book Island participates annually in the Relay For Life of Second Life. Our team consists of theatre cast and crew, Book Islanders and Friends.

We present special theatre performances, live musicians and other fun events,
as well as walking the track together on Relay Weekend. Everyone is welcome to join in.

Some of Team Jewell Theatre/Book Island at the 2019 Team Campsite.

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Platinum Award
Platinum Fundraising Club Award (May 2019)

Jewell Theatre RFL Events 2019

Team Jewell Theatre/Book Island’s special campsite in cyberspace at Relay For Life 2019.


Jewell Theatre presents “Scheherazade’s Daughters”
Fantasy Faire Saturday April 20 & May 4

Jewell Theatre presents “Scheherazade’s Daughters”
Scifi Con
Saturday May 25 & Sunday May 26

Book Island RFL Events 2019

Book Island_RFL 2019_Poster 02
River Kyomoon – Sat April 13
Sci-fi Inspired DJ set

Tarot Creative Writing Workshop
with Verona Lorgsval
Saturday April 20

Performance Writing Workshop 
with Fake Jewell & Friends

Saturday April 27

Phemie Alcott – Saturday April 27
Live Musician

Short Stories with Boudicca Amat
Saturdays April 27th & May 11

Sci-fi Readings with Valibrarian Gregg
Saturday May 4

GoSpeed – Saturday May 4
May the 4th be with you! DJ Set

Torben Asp – Saturday May 11
Live Musician

Russell Eponym – Sunday May 12
Live Musician

Ktahdn Vesuvino – Saturday May 18
Original Poetry & Photography with musical interludes

Short Stories & Poetry with Huckleberry Hax
Saturday May 18

Zander Greene – Saturday May 25
Big Band/Retro Inspired DJ Set

Freda Frostbite – Sunday June 2
Live Musician

Teleport to the RFL Events area at Book Island:

Scheherazade’s Daughters Tent
Our Scheherazade’s Daughters tent at the Mini Sci-Fi Expo 2018 at Solaris Space Station.
Scheherazade’s Daughters Tent at Mini Sci-Fi Expo 2018
The monorail passes over our Scheherazade’s Daughters tent at Mini Sci-Fi Expo 2018.
GroupShotRFL copy
Some of Team Jewell Theatre/Book Island at the 2018 Team Campsite.
The Jewell Theatre ‘SNOW’ Themed Booth at Sci-Fi Expo, May 12-20 2018.

Jewell Theatre’s ‘The Lucid Journey’ Theme Booth at Sci-Fi Convention (March 2017)
Jewell Theatre’s ‘The Lucid Journey’ Theme Team Campsite (July 2017)

SL Sci-Fi Convention People’s Choice Awards. 2nd Place: Best Event. Sci-Fi Citizen Awards: Fake Jewell & Sas Shi. (2017)
1st Place, Relay For Life HOPE Cake Bake-Off (June 2017)
1st Place, Relay For Life HOPE Cake Bake-Off (June 2017)
Silver Fundraising Club Team 2017
Silver Fundraising Club Team $750+: Jewell Theatre (2017)