Team: Jewell Theatre

Captain: Sas Shi
Co-Captain: Silly Avro

Lucid Journey Poster RFL Relay Weekend

Special Performances for the 2017 Relay For Life

*Sunday March 19th at 12noon – Solaris Space Station
*Saturday March 25th at 3pm – SL Sci-Fi Convention
*Sunday April 2nd at 12noon – SL Sci-Fi Convention
*Sunday May 7th at 11am – RFL Halfway There Fair
*Saturday July 15th at 3pm – RFL Relay Weekend

“In every culture there have been legends regarding the relationship between our dreams and travel. Suppose our dreams are more than random scenes from our waking lives? Lewis Liddell is missing presumed dead, and his wife is left to unravel the mystery of what’s become of him. Her journey to find him will take her into our shared dreamscape and beyond.”


Visit Jewell Theatre’s RFL Team Campsite: open now til Wednesday July 19, 2017!

‘The Lucid Journey’ was created for SL13B and is inspired by our 2011 48 HFP film.