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A modern take on an old classic.
Cursed to tell endless tales endlessly in Cyberspace, Scheherazade’s Daughters spin their stories until they break the rules and tell their own forbidden story.

February to July 2018 – SNOW
Snow Poster

In a dystopian world, made white with ice and snow, 

surviving animals must decide the fate of the surviving human beings.

March to July 2017 – The Lucid Journey

Lucid Journey Poster RFL Relay Weekend

In every culture there have been legends regarding the relationship between our dreams and travel. Suppose our dreams are more than random scenes from our waking lives? Lewis Liddell is missing presumed dead, and his wife is left to unravel the mystery of what’s become of him. Her journey to find him will take her into our shared dreamscape and beyond.

January to March 2017 – Plain

Plain Poster 2017.png

In a world where everyone is beautiful, what defines us? It’s a question that occupies the mind of Tatrix Isobelle. Her strength and leadership threaten the sleep of her enemies, and provides security and hope for all of her Home Stone. For the Slaver Travis Horned Hith it is his pride in his caste, and his confidence in his craft. The same pride that drives him to accept the challenge of seducing the most powerful virgin in Gor.

June 2016 – The Lucid Journey

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The Lucid Journey was created for SL13B & inspired by our 2011 machinima:

March 2016 – Vagabonds and Villains


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February 2014 – En’Kara


July 2013 – Sardar Stories – Writing CompetitionSardarStories

Spring 2013 – Flowering Jade


June 2012 – The Ost


December 2012 – The Vigil


December 2011 – The Miser

September 2011: 48Hour Film Project – The Lucid Journey

Lucid Journey Poster

Summer 2011 – Blood Line

December 2010 – Vagabonds and Villains

September 2010: 48Hour Film Project – The Titty Tour 


August 2010 – The Ubar and the Peasant

ubar peasant.png

June 2010 – Plain

February 2010 – The Model Gorean

December 2009 – The Vigil

September 2009 – Free

July 2009 – Home Stone

April 2009 – The Ost

November 2008 – Blood Line

May 2008 – The Model Gorean

February 2008 – The Ubar of Ar (Adapted by Perryn Peterson from The Mikado)

December 2007 – En’Kara

October 2007 – Flowering Jade (Adapted from Madame Butterfly)

August 2007 – Home Stone