The Miser

Our new play for the Holiday season is The Miser – it’s an adaptation of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens told in a Gorean style. It charts the story of a miserly Ubar.

Technically, I think this is the most difficult play we’ve ever done. We have had cope with phantom prims, time slides, moving floors… Dorian is ripping out his hair with the challenges. I’ve had to promise all the cast never to write a play like this again. (Mm – methinks that’s going to be one of those paper thin promises).

Dorian and I have this tradition since we began the Jewell Theatre back in 2007. I ask him for something technically challenging, he’ll tell me it’s impossible, but then I always seem to log in later to find out that he’s achieved it! The man’s a genius!

Anyhow – if you’re in a festive mood and want to see a Gorean slant on an old classic – well you know where we are 🙂


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