Blood Line Auditions

Have you ever wanted to take part in virtual theatre?  Treading the pixel boards is much like treading the rl boards.  You have the director (usually me) telling you where to enter from, where to stand and what to say during rehearsals.  You have the stage manager sending you cues, correcting the blocking if it goes wrong and firefighting incidents (such as sudden cast crashes).  You have a Wardrobe Officer telling you what to wear and how to look.

Our theatre is predominantly Gorean themed – but that doesn’t mean our actors have to be.  Around our theatre is the walk of fame – stars to represent everyone who’s taken part in any of our performances.  Rehearsals are fun, but they take commitment, and cast need to take breaks from time to time, or they leave SL – or their paths take them onto new projects. So we’re always overjoyed to meet potential new cast members who know enough about SL to move, sit and stand and someone who understands enough about working with a team to leave their drama for the script.

Our next play will be Blood Line (see the fantastic preview that Chandni made below), a Gorean-themed murder mystery, and already we’re getting tour requests.  We’ll begin rehearsals the weekend of the 16th April.  Whilst it’s not a huge cast, we like to double up where possible so that actors can take time off if they need to.  If you want to see what we’re all about – then come along to our auditions beginning on the 9th April 3pm slt & the 10th April noon slt.  Feel free to contact me (Fake Jewell)  in world if you have any questions.



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