Vagabonds & Villains – Tour Extended

Last week we began our Winter comedy tour at Imperial Ar on Saturday and Piedmont on Sunday.

Our plays are always in text, and will be until we can find a way of stabilising the quality of voice to ensure that everyone in the audience can experience the play in the same way.  However, to that end, we rely on the audience reactions.  For some patrons, this can be a little off-putting, this Shakespearean type of audience, bawdy and yelling at the performers.  For us it’s a God send!  We know that our audience are there – and that they’re engaging with the text.  We copy and paste the best of the comments so that all the cast can enjoy the audience reactions.  Perhaps we should have a quiet corner of the theatre where the folks who like to watch the play uninterrupted by random text of other patrons can sit together in quiet contemplation.

This Saturday we’re at Tabor (always a great audience for reactions and engagement) and then Central Fire.  So many of the SDC Casties are from Central Fire, it almost feels like performing at home.  So we’re all very much looking forward to this weekend.

Our tour was originally meant to end this weekend.  However we have received two invitations we simply couldn’t turn down and Cast and Crew unanimously agreed to extend the tour by two performances: Crimson Spear on 22nd January at 3pm slt and Vonda on 23rd January, noon slt.

We have plans to film Vagabonds and Villains in small installments – more on this in further blogs.

After that we shall begin work on a new script for the spring.

In the mean time, theatre patrons will be delighted to hear that we’ve got a really special event coming up.  On the 26th January at 1pm slt, the Dramatiques Performance Troupe will be performing their ballet, an adaptation of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.  And you can see their trailer at:


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