Press Release for “Vagabonds and Villains”.


We are proud to announce our latest production!

Written and Directed by Fake Jewell

“Vagabonds and Villains”

At The Jewell Theatre on Samandiriel,

on Saturday 11th December 2010 at 3pm PST


Sunday 12th December 2010 at 12pm (Noon) PST

“Vagabonds and Villains” is a comic romp set in a mythical city of Pseudopolis. We meet a mixed band of characters as they go about their travels along a road known to be full of vagabonds, with the occasional villain thrown in for good measure. We all know trips outside a city’s walls can be fraught with danger! “Vagabonds and Villains” is inspired by “Pettrucchio”, a play referenced in the novel “Players of Gor” by John Norman.

With many best wishes,

Min Fairweather

Publicity Officer

The Jewell Theatre

November 2010


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