Creating Vagabonds and Villains

A couple of years ago, I read Players of Gor. I loved it! Norman at his best in my opinion. Buried there within the text were two plays that Boots Tarsk Bit and his band perform in and around the actual plot of the book. And I reasoned that this would be great for our theatre group to do. So I took the text, stripped out the exposition and attempted to make a play out of what was left of ‘Petrucchio’.

It didn’t work!

The problem was it made for really funny reading in a novel, in a play it was just too long, too static, too difficult to create the precise movements for the blocking with our AO’s, etc. We abandoned the project. But we did like the story.

It was Dorian who suggested that I create a beginning and an end to the excellent middle that John Norman provided. I didn’t like the idea – I wanted an homage – but he had a point. I had to change so much of it – that I ended up renaming the play Vagabonds & Villains. What we were left with is a comic romp of a play with some twists and turns that will hopefully keep our audience guessing right up until the end.

Vagabonds & Villains will be staged on the 11th & 12th December, 2010 on Samandiriel and will then tour for two weekends in January – venues to be advised.


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