The Ubar and the Peasant

It must have been over two years ago that a friend sent me a quote that he thought I’d be interested in. The quote was from Beasts of Gor, and though I’d read the book, I had missed the quote and hadn’t really understood it’s relevance to our Theatre or myself as a performer.

‘I returned my attention to the puppet show. Now upon its tiny stage was being enacted the story of the Ubar and the Peasant. Each, wearied by his labours, decides to change his place with the other. Naturally this does not prove fruitful for either individual. The Ubar discovers that he cannot tax the bosk and the Peasant discovers that his grain cannot grow on the stones of the city streets. Each cannot stop being himself, each cannot be the other. In the end, of course, the Ubar returns gratefully to his throne and the peasant, to his relief, manages to return to the fields in time for the spring planting. The fields sing, rejoicing, upon his return. Goreans are fond of such stories. Their Castes are precious to them.’ (Norman, J. Beasts of Gor. 1979. Star. London)

I was very much taken with this excerpt, as it made a cracking ‘story dance’ and I often thought that it would either make the basis of a good small touring performance or a piece of Machinima. Well, at last we’ve achieved what we long wanted to do. As the Jewell Theatre has signed up for the 48 hour Machinima competition, we used the Ubar and the Peasant as a dry run. Dorian built a gorgeous set above the theatre, and several of the Cast volunteered to take part. We managed to get all our filming within 3 hours, but my editing skills are still very much in their early stages. Fortunately there are so many fabulous Machinima people who are on hand to give advice – Phaylen Fairchild, BobE Schism, Toxic Menges, Chantal Harvey – I’m so blessed to have their advice. I finished the film at 4am this morning. And as with the earlier films we made – it’s been another invaluable learning curve. Check it out at or watch it here

If you’re interested in joining the Jewell Theatre or want to be kept up to date with events – please let me know in world.

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