Plain – the end of the run

Well this weekend sees our last two performances of Plain. It’s been an amazing journey. I think we were a little ambitious having 10 cities on our dance card! My bad – I never could say no. This has meant that sometimes we’ve struggled for audiences as so many of our regular patrons have been waiting for their turn. Last week, sadly, Fort Sar closed shortly before our performance was scheduled to hit their city, and so the cast had Sunday off.

So what’s next for the Cast and Crew of the Jewell Theatre. Well buried within the pages of Players of Gor is the story of Petrucchio. Last year we tried to lift this straight from the book and make a play out of it, but of course, in the novel there’s many layers to the story as Tarl talks about the politics within the audience. Alas, our version, couldn’t encapsulate that and we realised it was just too thin for performance. I’ve taken the story and embedded it into a larger plot. And so we shall begin work on Vagabonds and Villains toward the end of September.

Between now and then I have entered the Jewell Theatre as a team in the 48 hour Machinima contest for the weekend 17 – 19th September. As a real newbie machinimatographer – I’m nervous as all hell – but I think it should be fun, busy, but fun.

Dorian and myself have managed to bag ourselves roles in a Metaverse TV project. More on this to follow!

If you haven’t seen Plain yet – then this weekend is your last chance. We’ll be at Rive de Bois on Saturday at 3pm slt and RarlR on Sunday at noon. Shout me in world if you want LM’s.



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