The Gorean Center for the Arts

Tal all!
In an attempt to bring together the efforts of so many of those in SL Gor who are involved with the production and performance of many forms of Gorean entertainment and arts, a new SL group has been formed – “The Gorean Center for the Arts”.
Our agenda is to become an active, networking collaboration of several Gorean castes including — but not limited to — the musicians, singers, poets, artists, and other creatives and entertainers living in cities or traveling through the lands of Gor. The GCA is a community for the collaboration and promotion of Gorean theatre, music and other artistic works, as well as providing education and training for those who desire to learn about or perform in these fields.
We hope to promote, inspire and enhance the spread of quality Gorean entertainment, in both performance arts and fine arts for everyone in SL Gor. Members of the GCA are encouraged to promote their events through this group and all are welcomed to participate, both Free and kajiri.
If you are a performer or artist looking for an opportunity to promote your event – or even if you only wish to follow these kinds of activities throughout SL Gor – we welcome you to become part of the GCA today!
All we ask of members is to not post store sales announcements or spam the chat with non-related topics. Posts should only be related to Gorean performance and fine art events.
One of our future objectives include the creation of a central library, which will feature information scrolls specific to examples of entertainers and artists in John Norman’s books, as well as an archive of collections of Gorean plays, poetry, art and many other types of performance produced in SL Gor.
Over the next few weeks, we will plan to create a GCA subscription system for those who wish to follow postings but may not want to give up another SL group slot.
If you have any questions about this project, have suggestions, or would like to become a more active participant in the group itself, please drop a notecard to Ketter McAllister, Dorian Cao or Fake Jewell in-world. We’d be happy to hear from you!
I wish you well!

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