I wanted to personally thank the readers of this blog who were able to catch a performance of “Plain” last weekend, along with thanks to our hosts at Dark Storm and The Central Fire, and to Splintered Radio (particularly Drak Outlander, Baroun Tardis, Athan Ansar, and one our own troupe members, Shanta Wulluf) for producing the live broadcast read-throughs of the play during the shows.
We’ll be taking off this weekend (RL Independence Day weekend in the U.S.), but the touring company of the Jewell Theatre will be back on the roads of Gor to perform at several locations this July and August, including:
  • Panther Ridge
  • Village of Iskander
  • Tabor
  • Piedmont
  • Kasra
  • Fort Sar
  • Rive de Bois
  • RarlR City
If you haven’t had a chance to catch one of our performances, we’ll obviously be all over the map and in a place near you soon – perhaps even YOUR own Homestone!
Also, if you’re interested in receiving notices on what we’re doing and where we’ll be next, stop over to the Jewell Theatre in Samandiriel and click on one of the subscription signs to join up (no extra group slot needed). The signs are right out front on the building itself, to the left and right when you walk up the front stairs – they’re the red ones with “The Jewell Theatre” on them.
Or, of course, you can follow our adventures right here on the blog.
I wish you well!
Ketter McAllister, Publicity Manager
Jewell Theatre