Gorean Theatre This Weekend!

Official Press Release (6/25/10):

The Jewell Theatre Company is proud to announce the premiere of its TENTH original Gorean theatrical production “Plain”, a drama by Fake Jewell.

“In a world where everyone is beautiful – what defines us? For Isobelle, Tatrix of Tymar, it is the strength of her power and leadership. A strength that both threatens her enemies and unites her Homestone. For the Slaver Travis, a man of legendary reputation with women even among his fellow Goreans, it is his pride of the seduction. A pride that drives him to accept the challenge of seducing the one Free Woman who has become possibly the most powerful virgin of Gor.”

The touring company will be performing “Plain” this weekend at the following locations and times:

Saturday, June 26 @ 3pm SLT
Dark Storm, Home of the Tri’Moon Panthers located in Mystic Fire

Sunday, June 27 @ Noon SLT
The Central Fire

A Jewell Theatre flag or banner at both locations will allow you to teleport to the traveling theatre located elsewhere on the sim.

Please note there is some nudity in this performance. Also, be sure to arrive early to get a good seat as space will be limited!

The Jewell Theatre is run by writer/director Fake Jewell, along with a talented cast and crew of volunteers, bringing theatre to the masses of Second Life. Established in 2007, they have written, produced and performed nine original Gorean-themed plays developed specifically for members of the SL Gorean community as well as for those non-Goreans who are avid fans of theatre in Second Life.Their goal is to create entertaining and interactive theatre productions that present the cultural side of Gorean life from many different perspectives, including dramatic and comedic settings.

The show will also be touring several more weekends in a number of cities and villages throughout SL Gor during the months of June, July and August of 2010. Be sure to keep an eye out on where we’ll be visiting near you soon!

I wish you well!

Ketter McAllister, Publicity Manager
Jewell Theatre

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