Gorean Centre for Arts

I’ve met so many talented people in Second Life: musicians, poets, writers, actors, visual artists, story-tellers, singers – the list is endless. Recently I met a wonderful woman who had perfected a story-telling performance in which she used puppets. Cyon Manga would have loved to join our theatre but her rl shift work schedule meant she couldn’t commit to rehearsals or performances.

When the Jewell theatre was first created, we had a performance model of rehearsing the production, putting on two shows and then have a short break before we’d start the cycle again. That’s changed now – probably forever. Now we are invited to cities with our travelling theatre. We put down our teleport flags – suspend the theatre in the air, perform our show, pack up and move on to the next city.

It’s fantastic that the plays are popular enough to sustain these hefty tour schedules. However it does mean that our beloved Jewell theatre sits empty far more than we anticipated.

Recently at our production meeting we talked about ways we might be able to make the space available to all those talented people. And we started a new group. The Gorean Centre for the Arts Group was born. Created so that we could invite those with an interest in Gorean themed entertainment to find like-minded groups, audiences or a venue. So many sims have struggled to stay open with the pressure of the rl world economy during the last year. Many have looked to the Jewell Theatre to raise their profile and community awareness. However, how many Cities & tribes can host a cast of up to 18 with the 1000 prim count we usually require to create a theatrical production? How brilliant would it be if we had ‘something for everyone’?

If you are in the Entertainment Caste, or have an entertainment skill, or are interested in supporting Gorean Arts, I urge you to join our group – and let’s see what can develop through Art.



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