More about Plain

So this weekend saw me waxing lyrical about performance in Second Life. Usually when we run these sessions it’s a mix of people who either want to come and join our theatre group, people who want to start their own theatre group, people who want to improve their role playing skills and some of the existing casties who come over to support me. This time it was almost all casties. So I adapted the lessons slightly to cover the art of performance ‘Jewell Theatre’ style, and to talk about how I run auditions – what sort of thing I look for.

After the lesson, I spoke about how I created Plain.

Plain began as a daft Gorean joke. ‘She was so ugly – she walked to the Sardar Fayre for her devotions alone and unmolested’ – pretty poor. But I loved the idea of a character within Gor that wasn’t beautiful. And I drew some analogies with Second Life here. After all, as I’ve often said to non-SL friends, in a world where everyone is beautiful – what defines us?

For Isobelle, her power and leadership skills are how she has compensated for her plain looks and thick ankles (what was it with John and those ankles?) Thinking about this plain powerful woman, she somehow morphed into the Virgin Queen and then I started to consider about the position that she held. There had to be some back story. When she became Tatrix of Tymar – Tymar was a lawless, chaotic City, lying between between Ubar Oliver’s city and Laura. When it was lawless, his access to the port was negotiable by brute force and bribery, when she took over, it was a good deal more problematic. He wants her land. There has been war, there has been assassins hired, but the geographical location of Tymar makes salvo’s difficult. Oliver is desperate.

That’s when he decides to get her seduced and he hires Travis. The Slaver who’s reputation with women is legendary. Travis is a good man – a great slaver. He doesn’t care who wins in the battle between Oliver and the Tatrix Isobelle, however, his pride drives him to accept the challenge of seducing what has become possibly the most famous virgin in Gor. He accepts.

Next week we will hold auditions and then the fun of the rehearsals begins. With the invitations we’ve received to perform for this run – it seems that there will be 12 performances of Plain so it’s going to be a really busy summer.


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