Last Performances of "The Model Gorean" this Weekend!

The Travelling Troupe of The Jewell Theatre is proud to announce the LAST WEEKEND OF TOURING PERFORMANCES of its original Gorean theatrical production “The Model Gorean”, a comedy by Fake Jewell, as honored guests of The Village of Iskander on Saturday, 17th April at 3pm SLT, and its FINAL performance on Sunday, 18th April, 2010 at Noon SLT as honored guests of The City of Piedmont.
Jewell Theatre flags will be located at the landing site that will TP you directly to the theatre when you click them.
This comedic romp tells the story of two Gorean slavers who get far more than they bargained for during a voyage of acquistion! Along the way of their misadventures, we also meet Elspeth and her friends, who are following their own fortunes as they strive to find their place on Gor!
Please note there is some nudity in this performance.
Pre-show coverage and an on-air narration of the performance will also be broadcast LIVE on Splintered Radio.
Be sure to arrive early to get a good seat as space will be limited!
If you haven’t seen one of our shows yet, or if you’re looking for another chance to catch this one again before it closes for the touring season, this is the perfect opportunity for you to do so!

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