The Gimme Dance

We’re half way through the tour for The Model Gorean now. Though that’s more due to the diligence of our Stage Manager, Liat Reina, who whispers warnings in my ears when I’m being asked to add more venues to the already lengthy schedule of performances. Finally I filmed the Gimme dance performed by the ‘girls’ in the last scene of The Model Gorean.

It was great fun – and hopefully a taster of things to come when we finally get the rest of the play committed to film.

The last performance at Brundisium was very interesting for me! I finally found out why the cast love being in the plays so much when I had to take one of the roles of the slavers at the last minute! It was fun getting in a man suit – but it was great fun just scrambling to my right entrances and putting my pixel butt in the right place. I loved every minute of it – even the having to tp off the sim to get dressed and tp back again.

The link for the film is at


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